The Dr Sam System

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Our best-selling action-packed Nightly Serum + your Perfected Basics. Inviting the light to your skin has never been so easy. Just customise your system according to your hydration needs.

Set includes:

  • Flawless Cleanser 200 ml
  • Flawless Moisturiser 50 ml
  • Flawless Daily Sunscreen 50 ml
  • Flawless Nightly Serum 30 ml
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How To Choose?

Good skin looks great on everyone!

This set contains:

Flawless Cleanser Flawless Moisturiser Flawless Daily Sunscreen SPF 50 Flawless Nightly Serum

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 113 reviews
Gender: Female
Age: 25 - 34
Skin Type: Combination
Do you recommend this product?: Yes
Simple steps that are well-worth the money!

I've only been using the full system for about two-three months, but I'm definitely noticing skin improvements already... smoother/more even texture, less greasy areas, and better defence against breakouts or random blemishes. Dullness has changed, too - I feel like I have a better glow and more softness to my face - and I'm growing more & more comfortable going out with nothing on after my moisturizer or sunscreen which, based on where my skin has come from, is a big deal! My only small complaints at this point are a) that I do feel like the serums still sometimes create dry, itchy patches around my eyes & nose, even though I've acclimatized to them, and b) I wish the moisturizer came in the same ML size as the cleanser when you buy the bundle (as I do feel like I'm using that up quite fast). But all in all, really happy I took the plunge, and I feel very calm and secure about what I'm rubbing into my face! It makes me feel so clean. Goodbye to product hopping and chemical-laden scrubs thanks to Dr. Sam.

Gender: Female
Age: Over 54
Skin Type: Dry
Do you recommend this product?: Yes
Love these products!

My daughter introduced me to Dr Sam and I’m now a big fan! I love all the products and can see a difference in my skin after a couple of months - firmer, definitely brighter and possibly fewer lines. I feel I can go out with minimal make up - first time in decades! Great products - thank you!

Gender: Female
Age: 35 - 44
Skin Type: Sensitive
Do you recommend this product?: Yes
Loving it!

I have rosacea and I get random breakouts from just about everything. So far this is the only product keeping my skin moisturized all day, soft and the breakouts manageable. She says I need six weeks, I still have 5 to go and so far I’m super happy. I noticed immediately!

Gender: Female
Age: 16 - 24
Skin Type: Combination
Do you recommend this product?: Yes
Perfect routine

I have used and loved every single product within the set. It's so convenient and easy to have an entire routine ready to implement and I've found that I have saved a lot in the long run, as I no longer experiment with other skincare products and can rely on this streamlined routine which works perfectly!

Gender: Female
Age: 45 - 54
Skin Type: Combination
Do you recommend this product?: Yes
Everything you need for a #grownupglow

The perfect, easy to use system to tackle midlife skin and get your glow back. Order it all, use it as Dr Sam recommends and enjoy yourself best skin.