Hand and Body Skincare

Your hands and body deserve just as much attention when it comes to skin care as your face does; make sure you’re not neglecting them!

In fact, from frequent washing and weather wear-and-tear, your hands and body go through a lot of abrasion. Rehydrate dull, worn skin with our targeted hand cream and body cream.


How Can I Take Care of my Hands?

Your hands are put through a lot day to day, so they require regular TLC. Hand cream is a great way to do this – especially one with gentle, hydrating ingredients like shea butter, squalene, and niacinamide. Together, these ingredients protect your hands and help them maintain an even skin tone, targeting unevenness and signs of sun damage.

Sticky residue can put a lot of people off using hand cream regularly; that’s why our hand care products are fast absorbing, and have our signature cashmere texture. Skin care should never be an inconvenience! Simply apply a moisturising hand cream whenever your hands are feeling rough or dry.

How Can I Take Care of my Body Skin?

Why should our bodies receive any less attention than our faces when we’re looking after our skin? Our body lotion is inspired by face products to brighten and rehydrate dull skin with active ingredients like niacinamide and bakuchiol.

Applying a moisturising body cream twice a day can make a world of difference. While inspired by face
products, our body lotion is tweaked for use all over the body. It stimulates hydration and an overall glow while also smoothing rough bumps.

Is Body Cream the Same as Moisturiser?

While both body cream and moisturiser are used to hydrate the skin, there are key differences between the two. Body cream has a thicker texture and contains less water. It doesn’t get fully absorbed by the skin, therefore creating a carrier on top that prevents loss of moisture.

Moisturiser, on the other hand, has more water and gets fully absorbed by the skin to really lock in the hydration.