Dr Emma Wedgeworth graduated with a coveted 1st class degree at Cambridge University, and went on to collect numerous prizes at Imperial College School of Medicine. Her interest in skin was ignited during these years of rigorous medical training and she went on to specialise in clinical dermatology at the world-renowned St John’s Institute of Dermatology, London.

Dr Emma has realised that gorgeous skin is achieved by harnessing the benefits of medical treatments alongside holistic lifestyle choices. She has extensive experience with all skin conditions, but has a particular interest in acne, eczema and rosacea, as well as sun-damage. Dr Emma treats patients of all ages, including children and teenagers.

She strongly believes in the importance of making the right skin choices from day one. Her skin care programmes are tailored to the individual, with intelligent skin care complimenting medical treatments.


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Sarah Ackers

My skin became difficult to manage about a year ago and I went to see Dr Emma after trying lots of different products. She was lovely to deal with, very professional and empathetic, and quickly made a diagnosis of rosacea and prescribed a regimen to deal with it. She also advised me on the best skincare products to use. My skin improved quickly and I’m really happy with the outcome. I highly recommend her.

Ruta Dainyte

I am seeing Dr Emma and she is a wonderful, experienced professional who improved my skin a lot. We are still in the process of treatment, however I love the results so far and am looking forward to the final ones. Highly recommend!

Zivile Motiejunaite

Great experience with Dr Emma who I went to see less than a year ago and already seen huge improvement in my skin. She is very professional and thorough, takes her time to really understand the problem and suggest not only the best skincare and medication, but also nutrition and makeup to tackle it.

Ali Alansari

I came to Dr Wedgeworth about a year ago suffering from severe cystic acne. I had called before that on a number of professionals in different parts of the world but to no avail. Within the first two months of treatment I had started noticing significant improvement unlike I have ever seen before. My skin had cleared up to a great extent.

Dr Wedgeworth's remarkable academic pedigree and extensive years of experience in the field make her one of the best dermatologist in the country. She treats each and every patient with care offering her undivided attention and unconditional support.

For any dermatological problems you may suffer from, I cannot recommend Dr Wedgeworth enough. Come what may, I am proud to call her my doctor!

Ujali Patel

2 months in from seeing Dr Emma and my skin has improved leaps and bounds. I’ve suffered with acne my whole life and was fed up with the emotional and physical scarring it has caused. Seeing Dr Emma was the best thing I have done and have seen my lifelong acne start to transform just with the use of a good skincare regime and prescribed topical medication. Dr Emma is professional, kind and empathetic and I would highly recommend seeing her.

Sarah Grogan

Both Dr Sam and Dr Emma have been amazing in the lead up to my wedding. I was lucky enough to be treated by both of them and they have solved all of my skin concerns and have been so lovely and patient in the process. I couldn't recommend them enough, my skin is finally clear after years of non-stop breakouts and I loved their straightforward and simple approach. I only wish I had of visited them sooner!

Lauren Proctor

I've been seeing Dr Emma Wedgeworth since the beginning of the year and she's been absolutely brilliant. She offers salient advice and expertise - taking the time to understand my skin issues and my lifestyle in order to make impactful changes to my skincare and make up routine. Yes, it is an investment to come to the clinic - but I know I will make savings over the coming months and years from no longer constantly chasing the latest acne 'wonder product' (which were more often than not exacerbating the problem).

Dina O'Donnell

I have been seeing Dr Emma Wedgeworth at Dr Sam Bunting’s clinic for 2 years and I honestly cannot rave about her enough. She has absolutely transformed my skin, given me so much confidence and just gotten my skin in to the best possible condition. She is literally a miracle worker. I cannot recommend her enough - best money I ever spent!

Louise Whitaker-Fraser

I saw Dr Emma. She is very approachable and knows her stuff. She talked through options and we agreed an approach, which I really appreciated.

Debra Bee

Dr Emma Wedgeworth is a thoughtful, considerate and incredibly knowledgeable dermatologist who really takes the time to listen to you as a patient. She’s been very helpful in terms of treating my rosacea and also providing guidance on other skin issues that I wanted to discuss. I’d highly recommend Dr Emma and her colleague Dr Sam Bunting.

Natalie S

I started going to Dr Emma Wedgeworth three years ago. I had recently moved to Manchester to do my degree from NYC. Throughout my teenage years, I rarely ever got a spot. I had perfect skin with no pigmentation or issues. When I turned maybe 18, I started getting acne on my chin. I went to a number of "elite" dermatologists in NYC who I think were paid off by pharmaceutical companies to push products that never worked for me. By the time I moved to Manchester it became a very serious problem. I got painful cystic acne all over my face and my hair would fall out in clumps. I did some research and found Dr. Sam's clinic on Google. I decided to book in with Dr. Emma since she attended Imperial, which is my boyfriend's alma mater. I took the train down to London just to see Dr. Emma and it was beyond worth it. By my first session I had suggestions to do blood work for PCOS (which I ended up having) that diagnosing and treating changed a lot for me. I was never given a whole regime and recommendations before by a dermatologist, usually a prescription and goodbye, and Dr. Emma answered every skincare question (including about makeup) with great knowledge and care. I left with a clear daily plan which I followed religiously. I've seen her every 3 months since and have improved dramatically. Dr. Emma also has a great knowledge of a rare skin condition of mine and prescribed me with medicines that have helped it more than I've had my whole life. I still get an acne spot here and there but nothing is comparable to before, especially the pain of it I used to have, as Dr. Emma has shown me a way to nip it in the bud, so to speak. I was beyond fortunate to find Dr. Emma and would, and do recommend her wholeheartedly to every person I meet. I never thought I would feel comfortable walking outside with no foundation, but am now proud of how I look. I can't thank her enough.

Anna L

Highly recommend wonderful Dr Emma! My experience: I came with starting rosacea and in less then 4 months there was no sign of it! And not only that, my general skin condition improved so much that I have never had a better skin even when I was young! And to add to all that wonder - it was all achieved pretty easily with simple easy to follow steps! Dr Emma suggested me to stop using my expensive moisturisers, gave simple ones that really worked and my skin benefited from that tremendously. I suggest to everyone who spends time and money on skin care to first visit Dr Emma and find out what your skin really needs before spending money and possibly not even doing good to your skin.

Thank you very-very much Dr Emma!!!


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