Are you guilty of using the last bit of your face cream on your hands thinking that constitutes a good routine?

Well, it’s time to rethink!

Your hands are always on show, and just like your face, they can scream healthy and happy or they can show signs of neglect, like thinning, mottled skin with sun spots and dry, dull texture. Go on, take a look. Which camp are yours in?

Fixing them is incredibly easy - BUT - you need the right product that doesn’t get in the way of your day.

I developed Flawless Hand Therapy because those dried-out, neglected hands were my hands. I just couldn’t get onboard with a regular hand cream habit. They were too sticky and, aside from moisturising, they didn’t do much. My Facebook group said the same - some 24% avoided using hand cream because of the Sticky Factor (1).

Flawless Hand Therapy is different. Firstly, there’s the Actives I’ve loaded it with - 24.5% of them in fact. There’s bakuchiol, the retinol doppelganger that’ll brighten and firm as it builds collagen and helps with pigment distribution without irritating skin. There’s niacinamide - the barrier-boosting brightener that is the ideal active for working hands. Then I added luscious occlusives - shea butter, squalane, mango seed oil and avocado oil. The formula is so divine, you’d happily apply it to your face. As a final touch, we added antibacterial zinc to help balance your microbiome.

I think we’ve built the perfect hand cream. Your hands deserve this kind of care - because hands deserve more than leftovers.

(1) Facebook group survey of 247 in Dr Sam’s Skincare Club.