So I arrived at the airport without it. It’s a small thing, an eyebrow pencil…..I know, it seems silly. But I didn’t like it. So in light of the limited brands on offer, I called to the amazing resource that is the Dr Sam Skincare Club and asked for help. Many tips came flooding in.

All paths led to Benefit, a brand I have to admit I thought of as being a little gimmicky for me. But I was quite wrong. Their brow portfolio is strong.

And I ended up buying more than I meant to.

So today I show you how I incorporate these new buys into my existing brow routine. I love the impact subtle brow boosting has on a face - gravitas and presence is bestowed to a face, and if done well, it’s hard to know why a face looks better; it just does. A bit like good Botox, it occurs to me. But that’s another blog post.