Time. A precious commodity. Especially in the mornings. Would love to claim that I meditate, do yoga and formulate my priorities for the day before I have my first sip of coffee… but I’m human and sometimes that means hitting snooze one extra jab and economising on skincare steps to just do the minimum required. But this has an upside - fewer steps means less chance of product pilling or rolling… and decreases the irritancy potential of my daytime routine, meaning make-up is less likely to go patchy and ‘piece-y’ (technical term) later in the day.

So I do my heavy-lifting at night. Using more potent Actives at night is just easier - there’s no sunscreen or make-up to manage, meaning you can allow yourself to be a bit more shiny through mucho moisturiser in order to reduce irritation.

I think this kind of approach really helps the busy mums I so often see in the clinic - we prioritise their precious time to ensure the fewest steps make the biggest impact - and I’m sharing that approach in this video.