Retinoids are a category of skincare ingredients derived from vitamin A. Words like ‘powerhouse’ and ‘superstar’ abound because they influence so many darn aspects of skin function. They are the mainstay of acne treatment and they’re the most effective anti-agers we have - and they help with pigmentation too.

When you think about it, they are essentially a hormone, binding to clever receptors that attach and trigger the activation of genes, dramatically changing skin behaviour and appearance.

What’s not to like? Their impact on skin health is profound – pore-clearing, pigmentation-diminishing, fine-line elevating, texture-improving….the list of benefits is long and impressive.

This is the first video in a series and I hope that you’ll find it pretty all-encompassing, in terms of addressing the common Retinoid Struggles. If I’ve missed something out, tell me and I’ll do some more!!