Unlike our hectic days, when the simple act of surviving and thriving whilst exposed to UV rays and city life can deplete our skin’s finite resources, at night there’s time to heal and regenerate. So how we treat our skin at bed-time is of the utmost importance.

I’ve always been a fan of minimalism. A pared-back yet synergistic routine makes intuitive sense to me, where each step is indispensable and together, they're greater than the sum of their parts. This is how I approach my own skincare routine. I have redness-prone skin that breaks out easily if I deviate from a tried-and-tested formula so I now know what really works for me.

My current night-time routine is no exception. I start with a thorough cleanse using 2 pumps of non-foaming gel cleanser - Flawless Cleanser is my HG. This has been my preferred mode of cleansing for decades and it’s the style I’ve also found most-loved by the vast majority of my patients too. This is perhaps unsurprising given that it's perfect for combination skin-types, who constitute around 66% of us. It cleanses the oily t-zone effectively whilst respecting the barrier of the more delicate cheeks. I take a good minute to work product into wet skin, allowing myself to connect with my breath and enjoy a little mindfulness. Then I rinse it clear with luke-warm water and pat my skin gently dry.

Next, I focus in on my eye area. Like many of us, this is where I see the signs of ageing - skin isn’t quite so snappy, and there’s definitely more dark circle action than there used to be. I address that with the Holy Trinity - vitamins A, B and C. This combination, found in Flawless Nightly Eye Serum is brilliant for brightening and thickening the delicate skin around the eyes, tackling all my concerns in one ultra-hydrating step. Little goes a very long way.

The rest of my face also demands retinoid magic too. As a long-time retinoid user, I recently switched over to using my new ultra-advanced retinoid with 5% Granactive Retinoid, bakuchiol and niacinamide. This collagen-building power-throuple delivers indecent amounts of radiance and, over time, firms and reduces fine lines without any irritation. Effortless.

I lock all that in with a final duvet layer of Flawless Moisturiser, with its luscious cocoon of occlusives. And that’s it - I’m ready for my beauty sleep.