The countdown to Christmas has truly begun and with ever-changing restrictions meaning party-season may look slightly different this year, whether you’re having a socially-distanced gathering or a Zoom get-together, we all want to have party-ready skin to look and feel our best.

When it comes to achieving glowing skin, a long-term approach of considered skincare essentials with the right actives is always key. But as the deadline draws near, it’s time to tap into some maximum impact manoeuvres to really ramp up your radiance!

Plan Ahead To Problem Solve

From hitting end-of-year deadlines to sorting out last-minute presents, overwhelm is never far away and can have an impact on our skin leading to breakouts, dry patches and even redness.

Take pre-emptive action by making your morning routine focused on fighting inflammation. I like to integrate Flawless Neutralising Gel which is boosted with 2% salicylic acid to calm and soothe existing blemishes whilst preventing further breakouts from forming.

Exfoliate For Luminosity

Smooth skin is an essential base for party makeup as it will ensure smooth application. skin. Alpha-hydroxy acids, such as glycolic, lactic or malic acid, are an effective quick-fix as they dissolve skin cell bonds so the surface becomes smoother, revealing the brighter cells underneath. If you have a party in the next few days, using AHA’s in the morning will prep your skin for the evening. Just be careful not to use an acid with a high concentration if your skin isn’t accustomed to chemical exfoliation.

If you have more time, regular use of a retinoid, such as Flawless Nightly Serum, will enhance the skin’s natural exfoliation process for a long term glow-getting approach.

Hydration Station

Ask any makeup artist and they’ll tell you that the secret to a flawless face is hyper-hydrated skin that stays juicy. Foundation tends to cling to dry patches and the finish of parched skin is dull and matte - not what we’re after!

The long-term approach to peak hydration is to use a dedicated skincare routine that contains a non-stripping gel cleanser and nourishing ingredients with a mix of humectants and occlusives to prevent trans epidermal water loss.

For a quick fix, plumping your skin with an overnight hydrating mask is ideal for a Grown-Up (party) Glow. Our Flawless Revival Mask is like a glass of water for thirsty skin and works in just 10 minutes or leave it on overnight for a more intense treat.

Accentuate Your Favourite Feature

Use makeup that pops by drawing attention to your most-loved feature. If you adore a red lip, take the time to create a perfect base using a nourishing treatment such as Flawless Lip, which will ensure your perfect pout lasts all night long.

My go-to party look is always an amped-up cat-eye flick and I’ll often add some Shu Uemura corner lashes to open up the eye even further. Channelling Sophia Loren..!

Glow From Head-To-Toe

Party prep doesn’t stop at the face and feeling your best should involve a head-to-toe approach for maximum slinkiness. To get your tresses party-ready, use a nourishing mask or deep conditioning treatment so your hair can have an enviable shine. I love using Olaplex No8 Mask on the lower lengths of my hair and the Oribe Supershine Moisturising Cream - it’s my ultimate styling cream and truly delivers otherworldly glossiness.

In the event we’re flaunting more skin than usual, a dedicated approach to the body becomes essential. Respect your skin’s barrier by forgoing harsh physical exfoliation and instead focusing on hydration. Flawless Body Therapy is my not-so-secret weapon for smooth skin - it’s packed with ultra-nurturing ingredients such as shea butter, squalane and lactic acid, which also gently exfoliates.