Get skincare right from the off by cleansing the right way.

This is especially true when you’re in problem solving mode, whether it be acne, redness or anti-ageing.

The absence of ideal cleansers was one of the main motivators for me starting my skincare range. It made it almost impossible for me to practice and use the potent prescription garde actives I do in my clinic work - over-cleansing has that big an impact on skin health and the products you can use.

So what does the ideal cleanser look like? What principles did I channel when developing Flawless Cleanser? It was the very first product I developed and a cleanser that has now attracted over 850 5-star reviews and a Cosmopolitan award for Best Cleanser so let’s take a deep dive into what makes a cleanser great!

What’s Cleansing For?

Whilst cleansing is part and parcel of our everyday self-care practice, it’s primary function is to emulsify and solubilize dirt, sebum, cosmetics and irritants.

What’s The Downside?

The surfactants can damage and deplete the stratum corneum, leaching away lipis and NMF - this can compromise the barrier function of the skin leading to increased TEWL, leaving skin dry.

How To Cleanse with Care?

Choose a cleanser made with moisturising syndets made with milder synthetic surfactants and deliver emollient lipids. Gentle cleansing helps restore the barrier and enhances the heath of the microbiome.

Things To Avoid:

  • Actives based cleansers - these rarely deliver as they’re in contact with the skin for too short a time and are likely to dry out the delicate eye area
  • Physical exfoliants
  • Alcohol based products which ‘steal’ water away from the surface of the skin leaving it drier
  • Oil-based or balm cleansers if you’re breakout-prone

What’s In Flawless Cleanser:

It’s carefully formulated with gentle surfactants and emulsifying agents found in baby products and micellar waters for their low irritancy but with enough cleansing power that it’s still effective enough to lift oil, make-up and spf off skin.

And it’s balanced - it contains anti-inflammatory skin soothers allantoin, derived from the comfrey plant and aloe vera which both promote a healthy skin barrier.

The result - an effective, non-clogging jelly gel cleanser that’s kind to sensitive, redness-prone and acneic skin.

As you’ll probably know, I’m a fan of the single cleanse. Again, an example of doing the right thing the right way, so you only have to do it once. Take your time, use plenty of product and breathe ….. This is especially important at night when there’s more to remove.

I’m also a fan of the morning cleanse (unless your skin is naturally super-dry) - a morning cleanse helps remove excess oil and dead skin cells which would otherwise affect skin luminosity and reduce penetration of active ingredients.

So there you have it - why cleansing is important, what makes a great cleanser and why your technique really matters.

If you’ve not yet found the one, consider trying my cult Flawless Cleanser. Affordable and effective, it’ll help you get skincare right from the off.