Acids are one of the most exciting areas of skincare right now

But is Azelaic Acid the one that comes to mind?

Well, it should be!

This is the unsung hero of skincare. And one I’ve been talking about for years. So why all the fuss?

What is Azelaic Acid?

This naturally occurring acid, what’s known as a dicarboxylic acid, is in fact a byproduct of a yeast that lives on all our skin - and it’s found in grains. So it's reassuringly natural - it’s even produced by one of the yeasts that forms part of our skin’s microbiome.

As I recommend using retinoids at night, I’d recommend putting this phenomenal multi-tasker in the driving seat of your morning routine if any of the following amazing benefits seem appealing:

Azelaic Acid and Acne

  1. It’s brilliant at treating acne. Why so good? It targets multiple steps in the acne pathway. It’s anti-inflammatory. It reduces comedone formation. It’s anti-bacterial.
  2. It also targets the pigmentation it leaves behind, which can cause almost as much distress as the acne spots themselves.
  3. It doesn’t cause antibiotic resistance.
  4. It’s brilliant for redness and rosacea-prone skin. It reduces the activity mediated by Toll-like receptors, which sense our environment for danger, helping activate our skin’s defenses. In redness-prone skin these sensors are turned up too high and Azelaic Acid helps bring them back under control.
  5. It helps with pigmentation issues, like melasma. It reduces the activity in hyperactive melanocyte cells with a direct effect on cellular DNA. And it also reduces enzyme activity tyrosinase so it inhibits production of melanin.
  6. It’s even helpful in perioral dermatitis. A red bumpy rash around the mouth often worsened by certain skincare ingredients, like fragrance.
  7. It’s well-tolerated - in adult acne, we know many women also suffer from skin sensitivity, so their tolerance of retinoids and BPO can be tricky.
  8. It’s safe in pregnancy and lactation.
  9. It has additional beauty benefits, as it’s also an antioxidant and improves skin texture.
  10. It plays well with other morning active ingredients.

So there you have 10 amazing reasons why Azelaic Acid should be your acid of choice and a contender for first place in your morning routine.