Skincare for Enlarged Pores

Clogged pores, or blackheads, are often the main culprit for skin insecurities. Fortunately, some of the most basic products in your skincare routine are the best products for keeping them clear.

Improve the evenness of your skin’s texture and tone, and combat your blackheads with Dr Sam’s designated skincare for pores.


What are Pores?

Pores are perfectly normal; all they are is tiny openings in the skin that your hairs stem from, with sebaceous glands under them that produce oil.  

Throughout the day, dead skin cells, oil, dirt, makeup,
pollution and more build up on your face and therefore sink into your pores. This can cause blockages and blackheads.

That being said, clogged pores, as with any other skin concern, can often be genetic or hormonal. The amount of dead skin and sebum produced is down to your genes, so this could be the culprit if there’s an excess amount that’s blocking up your pores.

What Causes Large Pores?

Pores are usually tiny, but you might have a few that appear larger and are more noticeable. These can be caused by too much oil production (so you may notice them more if you have oily skin!), expansion due to clogged pores, or simply age.

Blockages are inevitable unless you take the time to properly care for your skin, so when it comes to large pores, skincare is your best friend.

How to Minimise Pores

While getting rid of pores completely isn’t really possible (again, they’re a natural part of the skin!), it’s possible to reduce their visibility with a good skincare routine.

Simply cleaning your face is the best place to start,
as this will remove whatever’s collected in your pores and ensure that the rest of your skincare can get in. The most important product, therefore, is to start
with the basics and get yourself a good cleanser.

If you’ve got some particularly large blackheads or
blocked pores, these can be treated the same way as other blemishes, like whiteheads. Our Flawless Neutralising Gel is great for targeting one-off blemishes, or clogged pores that need particular attention.

We also recommend adding retinol to your skincare
routine for a more even complexion, both in colour and texture – our radiance duo is perfect for this!