Redness & Rosacea Prone Skin

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is an incredibly common disorder, typically occurring between the ages of 30-60. It typically affects people with fair skin and light-coloured eyes but it can also affect darker skin tones but diagnosing it is often more challenging. Learn more.

What are the best ingredients for rosacea?

Azelaic acid is one of the best ingredients to treat redness and rosacea. A great all-rounder, it helps reduce the appearance of inflammation, minimises skin reactivity and improves texture. It works well with niacinamide as it has barrier-boosting properties which are helpful when treating redness-prone sensitive skin and it’s also anti-inflammatory. Lastly, retinoids are extremely helpful once the skin has been calmed to help redensify the dermis, but should only be used (with caution) once any active phase has been controlled.

How can I reduce redness?

So many things can trigger redness so knowing your triggers is key. Seasonal changes often have an impact with both cold, harsh weather and UV exposure in summer having an impact on skin barrier function. Overly hot baths, saunas and hot yoga are best avoided. What you consume also has an impact, with common aggravators including alcohol, spicy foods and hot, caffeinated drinks.