White Lotus Season 2 Reaction - The Skincare Edition!

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White Lotus Season 2 Reaction - The Skincare Edition!

I’ll admit it - I’ve been obsessed with the HBO show the White Lotus, which recently ended in typically climatic fashion this week. Not since Sex and the City has there been such an interesting group of female protagonists - Daphne, Harper, Portia and Tanya have held us enthralled these last 7 weeks, not least because of their style and beauty.

When I saw Into The Gloss had pulled screenshots of their beauty routines to dissect them, I thought that it would be even more fun to film a reaction video!

So let's go through them one by one and do a diagnostic, look at what their character’s using where we can, and then make some recommendations.

Shall we start with Daphne?

Always positive, always in matching Prada or Pucci, even in the face of her husband’s roaming eye, she remains effervescent and chirpy, choosing to get even rather than angry.

Let’s take a look at her skin:

She has very fine textured fair skin that has undoubtedly seen her share of boat days. We see her sunbathing a lot - Daphne is probably Fitzpatrick photo-type 1, meaning her skin will burn easily and she won’t tan so she’s someone who absolutely should be covered up, in the shade and avoiding the strong hours of UV …. hmm.

She’s also rarely not in a full face of make-up so there’s a sense she might be relying on her tinted moisturiser with SPF25, rather than true sunscreen.

Whilst her facial skin-tone reveals a smattering of pigmentation over the forehead, nose and temples, the truth lies in the decolleté, where we can see a lot of pigmentation, also seen on the shoulders. I think it’s likely she’s already acquainted with the Botox needle as there isn’t much evidence - yet -of crows feet, which you would typically expect in someone in her 30s with her skin-type. But that’s definitely the direction she’s headed if she doesn’t sort out her love of the sun. She’s done that classic thing of protecting the face reasonably well but neglected everything below the neck.

Whilst we don’t see much of her actual products, something tells me Daphne is a Bader girl…..and I suspect she’s subscribed to the Goop newsletter. I’d bet that her routine is entirely clean and not remotely evidence-based when it comes to preventing and treating premature sun damage.

My recommendation?

Before we even think about injectables, we should fully optimise her skincare!

Slip, slap slop…..and then think about your A,B, AzA and SPF - I’m a huge fan of AzA (azelaic acid) in combination with retinoids. I prescribe self-tan and a post-lunch nap to keep Daphne out of the strongest UV rays.

And if ever a girl needed a retinoid, it's Daphne. Given she’s in her mid-30s and animated, a little Botox is definitely likely to be harmonious with a good skincare plan.

Let’s move onto Harper:

Now, the overriding thing here is that she is a good, if somewhat grumpy girl, almost to the end when she starts to unravel and that coincides with showing more skin and flirting with Cameron. So - she wears a hat. She’s got her sunglasses on almost all the time. And her skin shows it. Even-toned and free of pigmentation, I suspect her sun practices are diligent.

But is she using the right stuff??

We actually get a good glimpse of Harper’s shelfie, thanks to all that business with the condom wrapper.

So she’s a Clarins and Kiehls gal. Plus there’s also got some trendy Peach and Lily The Good Acids Toner in there. Her make-up leans toward Mac. So her routine is mostly focused on hydration, acid toner aside.

Now, Harper is played by Aubrey Plaza who’s 38. Her skin is good, just a little early nasolabial crease and heaviness over the upper eyelid. Her Botox status is probably positive as, despite being cross constantly, we never see a frown.

I’d think she’s already doing daily SPF but might also benefit from retinoids, antioxidants and maybe a little Morphoeus 8 for tightening in the lower face and to keep skin firm and her jawline sculpted.

Next - Portia!

All over the place, unsure what she wants out of life, chaotic in her fashion choices, and ultimately very lovable. But what about her skin?

Portia exudes vibes of “I slept in my make-up” on multiple occasions throughout the show. But she’s got great skin, no evidence of breakouts despite seeming to not fuss too much about her beauty regime and she has excellent natural looking brows.

Daily SPF is the most important step for her to take right now. A simple cleanse + hydration routine with a gentle alpha hydroxy acid for night-time may be all that’s required - plus an anti-blemish solution just in case her partying takes its toll.

Finally: Tanya!

Magnificent Tanya, who steals every scene and has undoubtedly reached icon status.

What can we say about her look?

So apparently Jennifer Coolidge is 61. The interesting thing is that her image hasn’t really changed much, if we go back to the days of American Pie, Legally Blonde and now White Lotus and The Watcher.

Yes, I suspect she’s had some things done to maintain that voluptuous look, with signature full cheeks and lips. But I think she’s taken good care of her skin and been disciplined at staying out of the sun. Again, we often see her sporting a large-brimmed hat and sitting under an umbrella.

Her skincare routine should definitely be underpinned by tretinoin and rigorous SPF use. She has some fine lines around the mouth and eyes (entirely normal at her age) and these are best treated with a prescription retinoid. Some laser resurfacing might also help. But let’s keep the essence of her just as it is!

Such an amazing show, each a study in personal style and beauty. I can’t wait for the next installment!

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