Cold weather wreaks havoc with acne.

Are you surprised? It’s a double whammy, right. Cold weather and dry skin, you expect (such a drag.) But spots are for summer surely?

Well, a 2015 study looking at New England acne sufferers through the year showed a surprising 11% increase in moderate to severe acne in winter. So why might that be?

Well’, it comes done to the pesky comedone, as it tends to in all things acne. Skin that’s dry and flaky is more likely to clump, rather than exfoliating away smoothly. In the acne-prone where the skin is already inclined to clog and occlude our oil glands, this is very bad news indeed.

When skin is dry, your barrier is also more porous, meaning inflammation is easier to ignite.

So what does this mean for acne management and your skincare routine?

Gently does it is key.

So go delicately with the cleansing, skip the flannel, rinse with cooler water than you’d like, and pat dry like you would a newborn baby.

Then hydrate – if you’re dry from using Actives like retinoids, slip some moisturiser underneath first. Let it absorb. This will help you keep going, rather than needing to stop and start. Because skin is dry, sore and makeup won’t stick With Actives, I think little and often is key, so don’t stress that you’re not using your retinoid full-force, you’re playing the long game here.

Finally, consider a humidifier in the bedroom to neutralise the drying effect of central heating and be sure to eat a diet enriched with good fats, to hydrate from the inside out.

Dewy isn’t just for summer, as it turns out….!