I’m a shiny gal. I’ve come to know this and accept it. Holidays are probably not my most glamorous days; I suit a cooler climate (Northern Ireland, my homeland is perfect). However I have learnt how to relax and let it go when en vacance somewhere balmy; here are my tips for thriving (not wilting).

1) Get prep right. This is the one time I might consider adding in a cleanser with salicylic
acid if skin is very oily; a t-zone swipe of salicyclic acid is also a good idea skin is more normal/combination.

2) Minimise steps but stay protected. This is the one time where I’ll really think carefully about my morning layers. My combination skin handles going without moisturiser a lot better and if I choose a tinted SPF that I can top up over course of the day (so I can skip make-up), that’s even better. My pick for my redness-prone, acne-prone(!) skin is Neostrata Sheer Physical Protection SPF 50. Elta MD and Jan Marini do great physical SPFs with a warmer tint; I also like La Roche Posay Anthelios Extra-light Fluide SPF50.

3) Don’t skip on anti-oxidants – they’ll help combat pollution, visible light and infra-red, plus any UV that slips past your sunscreen.

4) Consider augmenting sun protection with an internal supplement like Heliocare Ultra, which contains the fern extract Polypodium Leucotomos.

5) Continue with retinoid no matter what. See my previous video for my thinking on this.

6) Rethink make-up – lighter coverage, use blotting papers, skip powder and foundation stick on the go all ensure that base stays workable and top-up-able.

As I head off to Morrocco, I’ll be putting this all into action. Hope you find these humid climate cheats helpful!

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