Embracing imperfections is not something that comes naturally to me, or indeed many women, it seems. So it’s no surprise that the Skin Positivity movement has been so warmly received and has gathered such momentum. It’s the lack of kindness that gets me the most. Cruel or thoughtless comments of the acne-orientated variety literally crush the human spirit. I know from experience, it’s happened to me. I’ll never forget exiting from a long-haul flight to see a boyfriend post exams only to see his face register my bumpy, inflamed skin and look somewhat….disappointed. Spirit crushed like a bug.

With increased dialogue, comes a shift in attitude and a greater willingness to share the many ways troubled skin impacts on quality of life. Increased awareness reassures you that you’re not alone, that the problem spares no-one (celebrities and models included) but most importantly increases dialogue about proper solutions. So much mythology exists around acne treatment, and a lot of this stems from the feeling that it’s a beauty problem, rather than a medical one. But good, science-based skincare really is the route to happier skin, with results that can be sustained – and that’s vital. Because ultimately the best way to acquire true Skin Positivity is to have skin that doesn’t need thinking about.

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