Whilst we’re in the midst of a glorious Indian Summer, I’ve noticed just enough crinkly brown leaves on the ground to focus the mind on gearing skin up for the new season. I thought I’d put together a list of some of the smart moves you can incorporate to maintain a consistently gorgeous and glowy complexion when the temperature drops. The key concerns I address in clinic at this time of year are irradicating any hangover from too much UV and bolstering barrier function to reduce dry spells and encourage Active ingredient tolerance.

1) Drop steps that might make skin behave more sensitively if you’re prone to dry patches as the temperature drops. Swap the flannel or brush that you enjoyed using in summer for nothing rougher than fingertip pads.

2) Target any pigmentation that’s cropped up – for example, its not uncommon for melasma to have resurfaced over summer holidays,especially if you’re outdoorsy (heck, even Emily Weiss at Glossier had evidence of these annoying brown splodges on her Insta feed) - so put in place a proper routine to clear up your skintone.

3) Add in ingredients that will support skin barrier function – so consider swapping your BHA or AHA for niacinamide, especially if you’re prone to dryness and pigmentation.

4) Swap your shine-reducing clay mask for a nourishing hydrating mask.

5) Up the ante with night-time moisturiser, a time when you can embrace nourishment without fear of shine – try a gel-cream formula if you’re not into heavy, conventional creams.

6) Embrace pale and let the beauty of you au naturel shine through. So stow your fake-tan and bronzer and think luminous and ethereal. I love Armani Fluide Sheer and Becca Shimmering Highlighter to bring a face to life with just the right amount of sheen on the highpoints of the face.