Hydrated skin looks like skin at it’s best. The water content is suitably high. The surface is smooth. The skin cells are optically bright.

We know it just by looking at it. So this is the playbook that I pull out when I need skin to look its best for a big event, like a bride’s wedding day. Or maybe a long day of filming for an actress. Those times when you need skin to be at its most photogenic.

Step 1 Manage your Actives.

Now, if you’re using the right active ingredients you’ll probably be flirting with a little irritation from time to time.

Now is not the time.

So we manage this carefully.

With brides in clinic, I’ll have them experiment in advance. Maybe they skip their retinoid the night before the big day. Maybe they use a lower potency. We do everything in our power to maintain the benefits from their use without any dryness.

Step 2 Super-hydrate skin the night before.

I recommend using a richer moisturiser than you necessarily would the night before..

This might mean an overnight mask. This approach creates space in the daytime so that skin is almost pre-hydrated ahead of time!

Step 3 Hydration Maintenance onThe Big Day

The formula for juicy, hydrated skin on the day is all about protecting and supporting the skin barrier. This starts with your cleanse - I recommend zero friction, so simply use your fingertips. Use a gentle, non-foaming cleanser and rinse with tepid (not hot) water. Pat skin dry - don’t rub!

For a big day, we want to keep layers to a relative minimum so this is certainly a day to avoid any potentially drying actives.

Well-chosen products with light-textured occlusives are the key to a long lasting hydrated complexion. Think squalane, shea and silicones. We don’t want the short-lived effects of humectants alone here. This is key to keeping any cosmetics applied subsequently supple and fresh, not dried out and caked. Pay extra attention to areas on the face that move - for example, the centre of the chin and around the eyes.

I recommend keeping powder to a minimum to keep your cream base workable.

You can then use blotting pads and cream concealer through the day to maintain. If powder is a must, focus it on central areas only using a precise application technique - the centre of the forehead, bridge of nose and upper lip tend to be the areas that light up! Do blot as much as possible first to avoid product build-up.

I’ve used this routine many times myself and it works brilliantly to ensure skin stays fresh and plump through a day of being “on”. It’s definitely worth a practice run, if you’re getting married. By perfecting the routine in advance, you maximise the potential to glow!!

Ready to super-hydrate?