In the pursuit of effortlessly undone beauty, finding the perfect nude hue for lips has to be a fairly high priority. It’s certainly one I’ve enjoyed exploring from the first days of face painting in my teens. Back then though, textures weren’t as varied and those chalky early 90s beiges worn by famous nude lip ambassadors like the tawny Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington made my pinky Celtic tones just look plain poorly. The same was true for lip liners - MAC Spice on me was just all kinds of wrong!

How times have changed! The turning point back then was discovering the Laura Mercier stains under the Sheer Lip Colour range - the Baby Lips and Healthy lips tints were so inviting… and required zero technique to apply. Nowadays there are just so many options - and the same is true of true-lip colour lip pencils for every skin-tone.

In this video I share some of the products I’ve been loving recently - none more than the Lipstick Queen Nothing But The Nudes in The Truth. They simply do not dry out and feel as comfortable to wear as your favourite lip balm. Usually, by the end of the working day a nude lipstick will have dried out and formed unpleasant little beads on the inside of the lip (you know what I mean, right) - but not with this. I pair this with Givenchy Mousseline Lip Pencil (defininging only the cupid’s bow, middle lower lip and corners ) for a perfectly imperfect semi-glossy version of my own lip colour but better. I’m smiling at how ridiculous this all sounds, but I can’t help but love the end result.

How exhaustive is your pursuit of the ideal undone-done lip?

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