Why I Launched My Own Brand

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Why I Launched My Own Brand

The idea of creating my own skincare range took root many years ago. I was always aware that not everyone with problem skin would seek an appointment with a dermatologist. And I felt in my bones that, whilst we can’t all have Angelina’s lips, everyone can aspire to great skin, and that it was a commodity that we’re all hard-wired to be attracted to. Not only that, it just makes life easier, freeing up headspace for more important things.

I’ve had my own acne nadir; I was a Junior doctor, working incredibly long hours and I was chronically stressed. My diet was terrible diet, eating fries for every meal and guzzling coffee. And I distinctly remember the shame of knowing that an on call wake-up made me anxious if I wasn’t wearing make-up. I didn’t have the answers back then, I was a general doctor, and hadn’t yet started my study of skin. But the impact that those days had on me left its mark.

Fast-forward to 2018, and having spent many years helping women find bespoke solutions to breakouts + anti-ageing, getting tremendous results and feeling joy that helping these women solve this problem delivers, I felt compelled to make this approach more widely available by developing my own system that tackles these oh-so-common issues.

The approach I’ve developed worked for me and my problem skin and I want to make it available to so many more of you; to create something both aspirational, but most importantly, accessible. I look forward to introducing the complete range of products to you in the near future!

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