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Lipcare with Lanolin

Lanolin is what gives our lip products their great consistency. It’s incredibly hydrating, but won’t leave your lips feeling sticky, meaning it really is the best of both worlds!

This ingredient is a naturally occurring by-product of sheep’s wool that we’ve harnessed for the best lip care products, whether you’re looking for a pop of colour or just some protection against the elements.


Flawless Lip TintFlawless Lip Tint
Flawless Lip Tint Sale price€19,00
A universally flattering + hydrating lip tint to enhance ...
15 ML / 0.5 FL OZ
Sale price€19,00
The Comfort DuoThe Comfort Duo
The Comfort Duo Sale price€58,00
Barrier-boosting repair for lips and face
15 ML + 100 ML
Sale price€58,00
Flawless LipFlawless Lip
Flawless Lip Sale price€16,00
Nourishes + repairs lips for longer
15 ML / 0.5 FL OZ
Sale price€16,00
Flawless Lip TrioFlawless Lip Trio
Flawless Lip Trio Sale price€46,00
One for your desk, your bag and your pocket
15 ML / 0.5 FL OZ x 3
Sale price€46,00
The Essential Duo - TintedThe Essential Duo - Tinted
The Essential Duo - Tinted Sale price€31,00
Hand and lip necessities
50 ML + 15 ML
Sale price€31,00
The Essential Duo - UntintedThe Essential Duo - Untinted
The Essential Duo - Untinted Sale price€31,00
Our bestselling hand and lip solutions
50 ML + 15 ML
Sale price€31,00