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Serums with Azelaic Acid

Azelaic acid is a wonder ingredient. There’s so much that it can do, there’s bound to be at least one way in which you’d benefit from adding azelaic acid to your skincare routine.

This ingredient also plays well with most other ingredients, so it works in pretty much every skincare routine – even for those with more sensitive skin!


Flawless Neutralising Gel
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Flawless Neutralising Gel
Flawless Neutralising Gel Sale price€37,00
Powerful blemish-calming care that won’t dry skin
30 ML / 1.0 FL OZ
Sale price€37,00
Skin Confidence Set
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Skin Confidence Set
Skin Confidence Set Sale price€82,00
Our ultimate set for clear and brighter skin
200 ML + 30 ML + 50 ML
Sale price€82,00