Meet The Dermatology Dream Team

Meet The Dermatology Dream Team

Working with nice people. That’s the dream, right?

And how sublime, when they’re not only nice but they’re also top of their game.

That’s how I feel watching today’s video back. Having known both Rakesh and Emma for many years, it was a real pleasure to do our first video together for this week to give you the inside track on what we all do, what we enjoy doing and a bit more on how we work together to deliver the best results for your skin and confidence. Rakesh is our procedural expert, enjoying using lasers and injectables to make you look and feel your most fabulous self. And Emma is a phenomenal physican using her wealth of experience and knowledge to deliver the full spectrum of bespoke beauty advice blended with advanced medical expertise, whatever your concerns.

I hope it comes across that we want you to feel 100% comfortable when you walk into the clinic, feeling safe and secure that you’re in the hands of a team that really care about you and how you feel about your skin.

We look forward to doing more videos like this and over the next couple of weeks, Rakesh and Emma will be digging a little deeper to share their dermatological passions!