Looking back on 2018

Looking back on 2018

This has been the best ….. and the worst year of my life. Is that even possible???

Filming this was actually surprisingly emotional – I don’t think I’ve ever had such a strong response to a topic as I did when filming this (poor Georgia, who was behind the lens!!!)

It was a year when the most important things in my life were revealed so starkly, it felt that there was no time for the sillier stuff. I might even go as far to say I grew up. Parental illness does that to you.

I also made some very grown-up business decisions, and that’s been a source of tremendous happiness and delivered a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

Doctors aren’t taught about building direct-to-consumer enterprises (funny that!). So the Dr Sam’s Skincare has been very much a business learnt on the fly – my team and I have hacked our way into the world of e-commerce and it’s been an utterly fascinating journey so far. I would never have expected to be making the big decisions we’ve been recently presented with at such an early stage – but it’s forced us to really focus on who we are and the difference we’re trying to make.

Simplifying skincare and taking away the guesswork is at the core of what we’re doing and I can’t wait to continue our offering and help you discover products that will really make a difference to your life in 2019.

And the final thing I’m proud of is finding a final resting place for us as a team – it’s going to be a wonderful feeling to welcome you into our new home at 41 Harley Street.

All that remains is for Dr Emma, Claire, Francis, Georgia, Hanna and I to wish you all a fabulous Christmas and a super Happy New Year!!!