It’s been a while since I did an Empties video….I realised that my bathroom shelf was over-run with products nearing the end, so it seems timely (especially as we near Christmas and family are looking for present ideas!!)

Hair products are make-or-break with my wilful locks. And so its been with great enthusiasm that I’ve embraced Living Proof. This Un-Frizz conditioner is actually a delight. Not too rich, not too light, it’s juuust right. Good for air drying and great as a prep for styling; I’ll be buying again.

Blood oranges are a particularly favoured citrus in my book. And there’s something in the sharpness of this shower gel from Shay and Blue that elevates it beyond that of the pedestrian orange. The perfect wake-up shower scent.

Brows are crucial to any well-dressed face and I’ve become partial to the Glossier Boy Brow/Benefit Precision Brow Pencil combination. I’ll be repurchasing. And Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Flax is essential for cat-flick liner days and when dusky, tired lids need a little resuscitation.

Finally, a lipliner that I’ve used right down to the nub, it’s that good – Givenchy Beige Mousseline, a little something I picked up in Monaco in Sephora.

There you have it - a varied little collection, but all classics in their own right.