I’m pretty rigorous about my products in that I don’t dip in and dip out of things very often. I have my systems set up and I tend to replace favoured items as soon as they’re nearing the end. So I thought I’d share this stellar array as I have come to the end of so many simultaneously - and I’m definitely replacing everyone of these.

I’m a big believer in sticking to products that work - I’m really not one for giving skin lots of choice as I think that the secret to a great skincare routine is structure and consistency.

With make-up, I’m a little more relaxed and open to trying new things but this Sisley under-eye concealer and Chanel mascara are firm staples. We fair-skinned gals get a little blue underneath as the skin around the eyes gets a little thinner with time, but this peachy-toned creamy-but-not-too-creamy concealer doesn’t settle into lines and is just pigmented enough. And this Chanel mascara is like a little black dress - always chic, always flattering.