This is one of the most often asked beauty questions – we all know that if
we’re in direct sunshine we need to reapply SPF every 120 minutes. But how can that possibly work with a public-facing job in an office, as so many of us do. Is it necessary? If so, what is the best tool?

I’m a very practical person. If I know that the day ahead involves minimal
incidental exposure, I’m going to rely on my antioxidant serum paired with a
proper application (by which I mean a ¼ teaspoon application for my face
alone) of high-factor broad spectrum SPF. I’ll apply make-up over the top and
then that’s me, done. I’d then commit to practising sun avoidance. And that’s
me, done.

However, my approach is different if I’m going to pop to a class at lunch, as I
sometimes do. Or if I’m going out for lunch and have a distance to walk at a
time when I know UV is at its peak. In this video I show you how I pare back my
usual colour cosmetics and use tinted sunscreen as a base that I will reapply
properly just before heading out. Is it as immaculate as if I do my usual
untinted SPF under Burberry Foundation? Possibly not. But its good enough,
and ensures I stay polished yet protected whatever the days has in store for