I want you to get the most out of the skincare products you’re using. If you use too little you’ll not see the results you could. Too much and you’ll waste product and potentially cause irritation with Actives. I find that sharing the specifics of exactly how much is just enough is one of the key considerations when it comes to helping my patients get the outstanding results they hope for - so I decided to share these tips with you too!

Let’s start with cleansing. Now when it comes to ‘dose’, you’ll need more cleansing power at night than you will during the day. I recommend using a single cleanse with a non-foaming gel cleanser - for the morning take a £2 coin sized quantity (a ‘dollop’). For night, double the quantity you would use in the morning - and be sure to take your time to allow the make-up and sunscreen film to fully dissipate.

Now onto eyes. If you do use a dedicated eye product, remember your upper and lower lids. You also need no more than a pea-sized amount for both lids. Eyelid skin is super-thin, meaning product easily penetrates, so you only need the thinnest smear. Eye products tend to be the most expensive, ml for ml, so don’t waste it unnecessarily.

Serums, the fun stuff. Now, Actives don’t have to be in a serum. They can serve just as well in a cream, gel or lotion. But do dose anything that comes in a dropper precisely, so you build a consistent application. I recommend 5-7 drops for a full face. For neck too, add on an extra 2-3 drops. For eyes only, use 2 drops.

And if your Actives are in a cream or gel, use a fingertip measure as a standardised method to ensure consistent and precise application - treat it like its medicine. The 13 Dot Technique should enable you to distribute product evenly, whatever you’re using, allowing a little or a lot.

Moisturiser - here’s where you get to run rogue. Skin will need different levels of support, depending on what you’re doing and what your environment is like. It may feel nicer to go richer at night to create space in your daytime routine for something lighter if you don’t like make-up to look too dewy. And it may be that a more sumptuous daytime product is necessary because the central heating in your office is on full throttle. A fingertip again is a good guide of treating the full face. Or maybe you only need a pea-sized amount around eyes and mouth (the bits that tend to dry out over the day) because your sunscreen is otherwise hydrating enough. Whatever works. You do you.

The final step - where precision and dosing are paramount - sunscreen. Whatever format you use, visualise the correct quantity so you can be consistent with every application. It's the same dose with every product. 2mg/cm2. Your skin will thank you for it.

In the end, I find that what makes people stick with a routine is this kind of detail. It certainly works for me. And it ensures that your wisely invested cash is not wasted and that you reap maximum rewards in the skincare game. And that, my friends, makes me happy.