The BEST Skincare Resolutions To Start Now

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The BEST Skincare Resolutions To Start Now

We all know how important great skin is for confidence but did you make the moves that matter in 2021? Did you invest in the right skincare purchases and hit your goals? Or did you get distracted by sparkly new launches and experiment with products that hindered your skin progress? It’s worth giving some thought to this as we start a brand new, and hopefully more optimistic year!

So to help you get on track for skin success in 2022, I’ve outlined an essential framework of the best skincare habits that will help you achieve your skin transformations and get you on the path to bright, clear skin!

1. The Best Skincare Routine Starts With Building Good Foundations

Just like building a house, the cornerstone of an effective skincare routine is good foundations. In the context of your skin, the best skincare routine translates to ensuring that your skin is protected with a healthy, well-functioning skin barrier. The three essential skincare habits for every day are cleansing, hydration and sunscreen.

Cleanse carefully with an effective yet gentle cleanser such as our best-selling Flawless Cleanser. Your routine starts with clean skin and finding your perfect match ensures your skin won’t be left tight, irritated or craving moisture.

Diligent hydration is also key to keeping your protective skin barrier in tip-top condition. Use the right combination of ingredients such as humectants (to draw moisture into the skin), occlusives (to prevent transepidermal water loss) and barrier repair ingredients to strengthen your skin’s natural bodyguard.

Lastly, a broad-spectrum sunscreen is non-negotiable. We cannot build an effective skincare routine without arresting the most preventable part of the ageing process. Looking for your perfect SPF? We’ve got 3 to cover all bases so finding your favourite has never been easier.

2. The Best Skincare Tip Is To Keep It Simple

Simplification and consistency are key to bright, clear skin. Have a product audit to truly understand which skincare product is doing what. I often see patients inadvertently doubling up on ingredients unnecessarily by using two serums with the same actives or combining the wrong products in tandem, cancelling out their benefits.

The solution is to use the fewest, most targeted ingredients to solve your specific concerns - but use them well! Vitamins A, B, C are a dream skincare trio that is backed by an evidence base to deliver and work brilliantly together for proven results.

Vitamin A is the retinoid group that is the powerhouse behind any effective skincare routine. By increasing cell turnover, it keeps the skin bright and smooth while keeping pores clear, fibroblasts firing and producing more collagen and glycosaminoglycans for a wrinkle-reducing effect.

Vitamin B3 is niacinamide which is a superb multifunctional ingredient for barrier function, that also helps with hyperpigmentation and pore clarity thanks to its calming, anti-inflammatory nature.

Vitamin C is a superb antioxidant that helps to prevent UV damage, brightens pigmentation and is also anti-inflammatory.

Our Flawless Brightly & Nightly Serum duo is our award-winning pair and the simplest way to include all three ingredients in your routine to tackle the signs of premature ageing, keep pores clear and brighten uneven skin tone. They also contain our skin heroes azelaic acid and bakuchiol, ensuring that your glow is powered to the max.

3. The Best Skincare Advice Means Choosing Your Information Source Wisely

In a digital age, there are endless sources of skincare advice available but it’s important to think about where that information is coming from. Social media platforms have made it easy for anyone to share short, snappy soundbites of information but complex issues such as acne or melasma can’t truly be explained in just 15 seconds.

Keeping on track and staying consistent with your routine lends itself better to long-form content such as articles, blogs and YouTube videos, where information can be explained in a more detailed manner to help you understand it better and ultimately, make better choices.

Once you’ve found a skin guru that you enjoy, keep up-to-date with what’s happening but always remember that just because something is new, it doesn't mean it's right for you.

4. The Best Skincare Habits Will Look At Lifestyle

Your lifestyle choices will often be reflected in the appearance of your skin. Diet and exercise are important but it also extends to how you live your life. I’m a huge fan of little acts of self-care throughout your day which add up to an overall sense of wellbeing, preventing you from feeling tired and depleted. It’s one of my own intentions for 2022.

Being mindful of how you’re feeling throughout your day, alongside regular check-ins will help keep you on track to take better care of yourself. It may be having a 10-minute meditation during your lunch break, limiting your screen time on social media or creating a morning routine to set your day up for success. These small but meaningful shifts can lead to a greater sense of wellbeing - this powerful approach to stress relief can have a positive effect on your complexion, as well as your mood.

5. The Best Skincare Solutions Often Come From Expert Help

If you have a skin concern that you spend a lot of time worrying about, it could be time to seek expert advice. Skin issues such as acne, melasma or rosacea take up a lot of mental headspace so being seen, assessed and properly diagnosed by can transform your quality of life.

If it feels right and is within budget, having an expert create a bespoke plan just for you can make all the difference to your skin and confidence. Even just one appointment can empower you through better understanding, giving you a considered approach and the tools needed to take regain comfort in your own skin.

6. The Best Anti-Ageing Skin Advice Is To Keep An Open Mind

When it comes to premature ageing, there’s an approach for everyone - for some, that entails making an appointment at the doctor’s office. There’s still a lot of fear surrounding injectables such as Botox and fillers, but when used correctly and in the right setting by a trusted practitioner who aligns with your aesthetic vision, the results can be truly transformative.

Perhaps the biggest anxiety for those making the first foray into the world of aesthetics is where it all ends - I can happily report that it stops where it makes sense. For example, I have many patients who have been seeing me for years and we just treat their frown with Botox - that’s it. It’s by no means inevitable that when you start, you won’t be able to stop!

I think it’s very important to have an open mind about the treatments available as there are a plethora of options. For some, it might simply be venturing into the realm of prescription skincare, whereas for others it could be Profhilo for hydration or some collagen-boosting microneedling. There is a multitude of different treatment routes available - but it’s key to ensure you’re making the right decisions based on the right information for you. Remember, just because your friends are having fillers, doesn’t mean they’ll be the right thing for you.

Ultimately, a conscious and considered approach is what will move you forward in 2022 - this will ensure your time, money and energy are best spent on the products and practices that will give you skin results to be proud of.

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