8 Weeks to Make Your Body Glow! My Head to Toe Routine


8 Weeks to Make Your Body Glow! My Head to Toe Routine

Are you ready to wear white shorts? Tan sandals? A bikini? Or maybe you’re getting married in the summer?

These things can be challenging without a bit of thorough prep. Like any task, a little-and-often approach is a lot less daunting than trying to do it all two nights before a holiday. I recommend getting started on your body glow routine at least eight weeks before your upcoming event.

I’m going to assume your face is in a good place – here, we’ll be focusing on the body. So, let's start with the neck and décolleté.

How to Improve Neck Skin

Necks and chests can get a bit grey in winter with neglect.

I love a retinoid or upping the ante quickly in my neck skin care routine - necks are fast responders when you give them some attention. I’d recommend the following when creating your routine:

  • Choose a gentle retinoid.
  • Smother your neck in hydrating sunscreen during the day.
  • Be sure to partner with niacinamide, ideally before you even start your retinoid.
  • Buffer away - this will avoid any irritation or dryness.

Want to go further? I love Profhilo for necks - two treatments can really transform a neck that’s been a bit forgotten about.

How to Treat Back and Shoulder Acne

Now let's address any blemishes on the back or shoulders; they’re not ideal if you’re off to the beach or your wedding dress has a bit of detailing on the rear view.
Good products here are salicylic acid based. Try a wash and leave it on the skin before rinsing off.
Then, follow up with an anti-inflammatory that’s spreadable - the texture of body products is so important here. We’re also not having to contend with bleaching ingredients, either.

How to Care for Hands

A good hand care routine will have a similar approach to the face. You can target with whatever actives you need – just be sure to manage any dryness carefully, and always follow up with SPF during the day. Try to make it a water-resistant one, too, so it stays on better.

Dr Sam's Flawless Hand Therapy

Best Skin Care for Legs

Then we get to the legs. Whether you’re dealing with strawberry legs from shaving or a bit of KP (Keratosis Pilaris), you’ll want to use something that helps calm inflammation and encourages cell differentiation. I love niacinamide for this.
I also love a bit of gradual tan on my legs, and find that the St Tropez mousse or the Dove gradual tanner work well for this.

Skin Care for Feet

For feet, a great pedicure is always going to turn things around. But be sure to soften them and make them silky with a great hydrator - feel free to wrap up in cling film for maximum penetration. They’ll look much prettier for it.

Treat your Hair, too

The final step is to tend to your tresses. I love the Olaplex range - I’ll have an in-salon treatment when I get my colour done and then I’ll supplement that with a mask at home.

Find Your Skin’s Ideal Routine

We recognise at Dr Sam’s that everyone’s skin is different, but that doesn’t mean you should be overwhelmed with hundreds of different products. Use our simple routine finder to discover which personalised combination of products will help you achieve your strongest, healthiest skin.

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