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Why I made Flawless Moisturiser Intense

"Immediately calms my reactive skin taking away the redness"

- Denise (Community Tester)

True Barrier Repair Innovation

Your skin knows exactly how to repair itself. But if your cell battery isn’t charged, repair can slow down.

Unlike traditionally heavy “outside-in” barrier repair creams, Flawless Moisturiser Intense energises skin and elegantly corrects barrier breakdown from the inside-out.


Fast Results For Dry and Sensitive Skin.*

*It’s clinically proven to repair your skin barrier from the first use, and deliver sustained results over time.

Delivers Results For Dry, Sensitive or Irritated Skin

It's clinically proven to repair your skin barrier from the first use

In consumer studies, after just 1 week of use. Based on 48 respondents.

Flawless Moisturiser Intense is clinically proven to support your barrier from day one.*

*Clinical study on 27 subjects assessing TEWL

"If I could give this 6 stars I would!"

- Annabel (Community Tester)

Key Ingredients

"Normally when products are this moisturising they start off well but then block your pores - this one doesn’t just keeps giving! It makes my skin glow."

- Fiona (Community Tester)

Makes Actives Easy

Potent, impactful ingredients like retinoids need a strong support system. Flawless Moisturiser Intense makes it easy to start a retinoid, even in those with sensitive, reactive skin. It also eases the transition into winter for those on an established routine.


Delivers Results For Dry, Sensitive or Irritated Skin

In consumer studies, after just 1 week of use:

  • 96% said skin was hydrated
  • 96% said skin was smooth
  • 93% said skin was less tight

Based on 48 respondents.


Works with Your Skincare

Flawless Moisturiser Intense helps get your skin fit to support the instructions from actives like azelaic acid and retinoids. Building proteins like collagen takes energy, Flawless Moisturiser Intense helps fuel the cell batteries to deliver maximum results.

Dr Sam Bunting MA Cantab MBBS MRCP says:

A barrier repair cream is an essential for anyone using potent actives such as retinoids - it creates space to enable you to use the most powerful ingredients for maximum results.

When I was at a dermatology conference in the US this year, I was struck by a presentation on SSE which added a new dimension to the mechanisms of barrier repair as it got to the heart of what drives skin barrier integrity - the mitochondria, the battery in every cell that powers it’s actions, whether its making proteins for the cornified envelope of the stratum corneum or ceramides for the lipid bilayer. I reached out to Professor Mark Birch-Machin, Professor of Molecular Dermatology at Newcastle University, who was delighted to help test my theory that we’re working with an ingredient that could well be the new niacinamide.

In this UK industry-first formulation, I’ve added SSE into this into the mix with 1% Ectoin, Madecassoside, ceramides and Lactobacillus ferment to bolster the skin’s microbiome and create a highly sophisticated water shell around our epidermis to reduce transepidermal water loss (TEWL),. In short, we’ve created a radically effective barrier support treatment that’s so much more than your average moisturiser.”

Prof Mark Birch-Machin, Chief Scientific Officer says:

“The human skin cells treated with both 1% and 2% SSE showed a 22% and 34% respective decrease in the mitochondrial DNA damage compared to control”.

“In addition to being the batteries of the cells, healthy mitochondria are important in the skin ageing process; therefore being kind to our skin DNA and protecting our skin mitochondria with SSE will help in the battle against skin fatigue, dehydration and a damaged skin barrier and help to boost vibrant energetic skin.”

Flawless Moisturiser Intense 50ml launches on 29th September 2023.

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