Barrier repair like never before.

Flawless Moisturiser Intense helps heal sensitive, redness-prone reactive skin that just won’t behave.

It's the first barrier repair cream you’ll actually like using.

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"...if I could give this six stars I would."
Annabel, Dr Sam's Community.

Flawless Moisturiser Intense is clinically proven to support your barrier from day one.*

*Skin barrier repair, instrumental test, 27 subjects vs untreated skin.


INNOVATION! Sunflower Shoot Extract (SSE) boosts NAD+ levels, recharges your skin’s battery and repairs a damaged skin barrier.


Ectoin forms a water “shell” on the skin’s surface to dramatically increase hydration levels.

Bolsters your microbiome

Strengthens your skin’s own defenses and speeds up skin barrier recovery.

Wayne Goss


"I receive a lot of products, and I've received many a moisturiser. They're all really nice, but this one is the best one, and I mean that.

It has allowed me to enter back into that world of prescription-strength retinoids without any side effects... That, for me, is enough to continue using this indefinitely."

Image representing Community Approved ✔️

Community Approved ✔️

We sent Flawless Moisturiser Intense to our trusted community ahead of launch to tell us their honest opinions. The feedback we received was incredible...

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In consumer studies, after just 1 week of use. Based on 47 respondents.

Next Level Hydration...

" This cream has really helped to hydrate my skin. My skin looks much softer and plumper. I wear a mineral foundation and the cream sits so well with the powder mineral foundation. "


Calms Redness...

My skin feels plumper and less dehydrated. With using this moisturiser over 2 weeks, I can see improvement with my rosacea. The texture seems thicker and has a firming affect on my skin, but it melts in and doesn’t feel greasy at all, very pleased so far.


Supports your Actives...

This moisturiser has definitely helped me tolerate my active steps more and as such has contributed to less redness in my skin. Even though this product is an intense version of Flawless Moisturiser, it doesn’t sit heavy on the skin or leave any oily residue which was an initial concern of mine. It absorbs in effortlessly and really sinks into the skin well.


Works with Make-up & SPF

I initially thought the Intense moisturiser was a little too heavy for use under makeup. I very quickly changed my mind! I am now loving it! It hydrates without an oily feeling and doesn’t seem to make my skin ‘heat up’ which has been the case with heavier creams in the past.


Next Level Hydration...

It is definitely the next level up moisturiser. My skin is moisturised all day. I am currently on holiday with people I’ve never met before & had so many compliments on my skin - that says it all!


Calms Redness...

The holy grail - I didn’t realise I needed! This moisturiser is ticking so many boxes for me. It’s hydrating without making me too shiny, soothes my sensitivity/skin reactions and calms my rosacea. A little powerhouse!


Next Level Hydration...

Any initial concerns the Intense version of the Flawless Moisturiser would be too heavy for my skin twice a day were banished very quickly. The moisturiser absorbs easily and left my skin feeling soft and fresh. Make-up went on easily too.


Works with Make-up & SPF

Absolutely love this moisturiser. I didn’t think Dr Sam could get any better but this is...WOW. Softer, more supple with a brighter complexion and my skin continues to feel this way all day .Great under makeup too and I don’t say this lightly.


Next Level Hydration...

At this time of year with the change of season, my skin becomes very dry and reactive. Flawless intense has definitely helped to replenish moisture and improve my skin barrier compared with my usual moisturiser.


Supports your Actives...

I really like this product. Before starting it I was having issues with redness, often around my nose and cheeks, and some flakey skin that meant my SPF stuck to and worsened. This moisturiser has completely eliminated these issues. I feel like my skin tolerates my evening actives better.


Next Level Hydration...

One of (if not) the best moisturisers I have used! I struggle with dryness whilst using a retinoid, so a good moisturiser is always needed. Flawless Moisturiser Intense is rich and hydrating, without feeling heavy or greasy on the face, unlike other rich moisturisers (which occasionally break me out).


Works with Make-up & SPF

It is a surprisingly good base for makeup (along with sunscreen) and has held up well even during the recent heatwave! I didn’t think I would ever like any moisturiser as much as the original Flawless Moisturiser, but I’m definitely a huge fan of this new intense version.


Next Level Hydration...

As a Dr Sam devotee with dry skin, the one product that was missing for me was a more intense moisturiser, particularly for night time use. Finally it is here and does not disappoint. It absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth.


Image representing Dr Sam Bunting

Dr Sam Bunting

Here's a statistic: the hashtag #Skinbarrier has 5 BILLION views on TikTok.

This “trend” is here to stay it seems. So we’re adding Flawless Moisturiser Intense to the family - and this is not your average moisturiser. For the first time, we can start to repair the skin barrier from the 'inside-out'. Using a breakthrough ingredient called Sunflower Sprout Extract (SSE) we can address that struggling battery and help recharge it, boosting levels of NAD+.

I've combined this into a triple action barrier repair product that also helps reduce water loss on the surface with ectoin, squalane, ceramides and glycerin. In fact, its clinically proven to support barrier repair from the first application.

This is the perfect product to support repair after summer - make it the cornerstone of your transitional skincare kit

Why I Created Flawless Moisturiser Intense

How to use Flawless Moisturiser Intense

Rescue dry or irritated skin from the inside-out. For daily use or when the skin just needs TLC.