Sunscreen Under Make-Up (Take Two!)

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Sunscreen Under Make-Up (Take Two!)

So this is the topic of my most-watched video and I thought it was time for a fresh take on the topic. Since then we have newer formulations that make it even easier to incorporate proper sunscreen into a daily routine without a feeling of dread.

For it to work well and offer the level of protection you’re promised on the tube, look at the following: these are the key

  1. Is it an amazing formula?
  2. Am I using the correct amount?
  3. Am I planning correctly, to permit smooth building of layers?
  4. Do I apply make-up correctly, to avoid dislodging the underlying layer of SPF?

I’m just back from holidays and my skin is a bit all over the place so I’m trialing a new tinted SPF from Obagi to neutralise a bit of redness (I always get irritation on my chest from sunscreen in hot climates, the topic for another video!) – it may be a little warm for my skin-tone on reflection but I think that what’s important with this video is technique and the steps I take to make sure that SPF is applied properly and doesn’t ball up, that most annoying of outcomes when you’re rushing in the morning!!!

I’m layering that with Burberry Bright Glow in Porcelain and Sisley Phyto-cernes Under-eye Concealer in Shade 1. I’ve used a medium size Beauty Blender (for blush) to apply foundation – I find it a more precise tool than the Classic one. And I’ve used a mini Beauty Blender for the under-eye area.

Hope you find these tips helpful!

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