From Retinol to Sunscreen:  1 Year of Dr Sam’s Skincare!


From Retinol to Sunscreen: 1 Year of Dr Sam’s Skincare!

1 year.

1 crazy/turbulent/life-affirming/downright-dramatic-but-ultimately-fulfilling year.

Starting my own skincare brand has been a goal for so long that I forget how many twists and turns the journey has taken me on. One day I’ll share the full story of the events leading up to kick-off for the Dr Sam brand in 2018... but for now, I want to reflect on the joy this year of hard work has brought me and how much pleasure it’s been to share it with my hardworking and talented team.

There are so many people to thank – we’ve had endless support from our favourite press. Guidance from mentors that barely knew me, but were excited by the vision, saw a real point of difference in what we planned to do and helped me tirelessly when I found myself stuck in a dead end. Our ultra-enthusiastic design team. And our chemist and manufacturers, who tolerated my obsessive and relentless quest to get our textures and formulas just right.

I hope that this labour of love really shows, both in terms of the products we’ve created so far, our customer service and our desire to continue the dialogue with you, our fabulous supporters. I’m so looking forward to taking the range further, creating indispensable products for the life you actually live and I cannot wait to show you what’s just around the corner.

With love,

Dr Sam